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I had Lap Band surgery a little over 3 years ago and I have finally had the weight loss success that I searched for my whole life! My bariatric surgeon was Dr. Ladd Atkins, D.O.  The decision to have the surgery was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had developed all kinds of health issues due to being over weight.  I suffered from type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep issues.  Within weeks of the lap band surgery these issues began to disappear and I was able to stop taking many of the prescriptions I had taken for years.

Throughout my lifetime I had tried every diet plan and weight loss medication I could get my hands on, hoping something would work!  I had finally convinced myself that my metabolism was shot and weight loss was not going to happen for me.

When I met Dr. Ladd Atkins I was immediately impressed with the positive encouragement I received at his office, not only from him, but his entire staff.  Dr. Atkins gave me the hope that lap band surgery would work for me, and it did!

Dr. Atkins and his staff are knowledgeable about every aspect of the lap band adjustable gastric banding system.  The care and commitment Dr. Atkins showed during my follow up visits was incredible.  I looked forward to my follow up appointments, not only to see my weight loss progress, but to hear the words of encouragement and be cheered on to complete my weight loss goal!

Success is a reality for me now!   I lost the 100 pounds that had held me back in my life and my health! The lap band adjustable gastric band is a “tool” that I will use for the rest of my life to help me continue to eat less easily and be completely satisfied with smaller meal choices.  For the first time in my life, I am confident that I will be able to maintain my weight loss and enjoy a healthy smaller body!

Since my weight loss, I have taken advantage of Dr. Atkins cosmetic surgery expertise!   Dr. Atkins performed skin removal and a full tummy tuck on me last year.  I now have the most beautiful tummy!  Dr. Atkins has the most incredible surgical skills and the results from my tummy tuck are amazing. I have been the most impressed by the way my surgical scares turned out, they are virtually invisible! Another cosmetic procedure I had performed by Dr. Atkins was a Blepharoplasty or eye lift.  I am thrilled with the results from this procedure. Through his skillful hands I now look refreshed and I absolutely love putting on eye makeup now! I wholeheartedly and in all sincerity recommend Dr. Ladd Atkins for any and all cosmetic surgical procedures and of course he will always hold the warmest place in my heart for his part in my weight loss success.

– Patient Sherrel J.

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Laser Resurfacing. This procedure changed how I took care of my skin and made me a believer in using sunscreen. At the age of 52, I took the plunge and committed to quit abusing my skin with the sun and tanning beds. After recovery from the resurfacing, I had achieved the effect of having soft, even toned skin. You can’t undo all the damage from years of abuse, but you can make strides that allow your skin to glow without makeup and to feel fantastic about the smooth, spot free and even texture that I now possess.

Artefil is a permanent filler used on the long lines by the sides of the mouth. Excessive sun damage made my lines deep and very noticeable. This effect of this filler has some immediate results. But, after a few months the process of how the body interacts with the filler produces a complete plumping of the lines without leaving the surface of my skin uneven. It brought a fullness that looked natural and eliminated those deep creases. Silicone 1000 is a permanent filler for lips. My lips have always been on the thin side. Add in the damage of sun for over fifty years and they would just disappear when I smiled. Lip color and over- the- counter plumpers would help to add some fullness temporarily, but never enough to balance the rest of features on my face. The Silicone 1000 process was completed over several appointments. Since this is permanent, Dr. Atkins would only add filler in small doses because this allowed him to achieve the effect I desired and not run the risk of giving me full lips that no longer looked natural. Now my lips are always full whether I wear lipstick or not. Sclerotherapy on my legs was completed twice with a few months between treatments. I liked how this eliminated the majority of the spider veins – especially those around my ankles. Most of the blue veins on the backs of my legs were eliminated. I will be repeating this again every couple of years to help maintain my legs as hormones and heredity influence the look of my veins.Blepharoplasty (Upper) allowed me to regain vision that had been obscured because of how the upper lid was sagging. This procedure was quick to heal. The results are noticeable immediately, but after six months the results were amazing. My eyes appeared bigger as the excess skin was removed. My vision improved and more importantly I now had an eyelid that you can see instead of being lost in the folds of skin. Now when I smile, my eyes don’t disappear into my face.A Photofacial removed the dark spots on my decollage. I had tried many serums and creams to remove these spots. One photofacial achieved results that removed all the dark spots. The final results were visible in a few weeks. Botox injections smoothed out my forehead and keept that furrow between my brows from appearing. I have an inherited trait (thanks mom) of pursing my lips. By the end of the day, there are vertical lines around my upper lip where the muscles have worked all day that weren’t there in the morning. Botox injected into this area makes sure that those muscles relax so I don’t have those vertical lines at the end of the day.

I have been a client of Face&Body for several years. My experience with Dr. Atkins and his staff has been a positive one that is often filled with laughter. Each procedure performed was done under circumstances where I knew what to expect as far as results and healing. My expectations are that I try to be realistic about what can be accomplished. So far I have not been disappointed. The procedures I have had done are not so I can look perfect, but so I can enhance the features that God gave me. I still look like myself, except that my skin is healthier, wrinkles are less noticeable and I have a healthy glow that is there when I wake up and when I go to bed. Dr. Atkins makes the best of whatever procedure is done. I have never felt pressured to have more procedures beyond what I have requested. The various interventions were done over a long period of time because that is what fit my budget and time frame. Making changes to your skin can often make changes in how you view yourself. I never have thought I was ugly, but I did not sit in front of the mirror every day admiring myself. Now, I sometimes pause a little longer when looking in the mirror and smile at the face I see because I love looking healthier.

-Carolyn C.