High Quality Care from Face and Body Wellness and Med Spa

High Quality Care from Face and Body Wellness and Med Spa

High Quality Care from Face and Body Wellness and Med Spa

We know that in the Tulsa community, you have a choice of where to go for cosmetic services, elective surgery and various kinds of makeovers and rejuvenation treatment. We believe we are among the best providers in the area, for several reasons.

Dr. Atkins – An Experienced Professional

As the captain of the ship, Dr. Ladd Atkins has the right credentials, but also has practical experience in high-pressure clinical centers. How many cosmetic surgeons have experience as the medical director of a wound care and emergency department at a major hospital? Dr. Atkins does. We feel like this experience enhances what we are able to offer for elective surgery, because the clinical expertise that Dr. Atkins learned ‘in the trenches’ in emergency care informs all sorts of patient care directives, treatment quality best practices and more. It’s a great broader context for specializing in a very demanding field – cosmetic surgery. Although the field of cosmetic surgery is fairly different in some ways, it all comes down to having the right clinical acumen on your side – for the best results.

A Wide Range of Treatments

At Face and Body Wellness and Med Spa, we offer liposuction and thigh lifts – spider vein removal and facelifts, chin implants, nose jobs and lip reductions. We offer body contour services like coolsculpting, as well as various types of breast augmentation.

What does it take to be familiar with all of these procedures? It takes a well-rounded body of medical knowledge, plus actual active experience with all of these various types of care. Some of these are based on cutting-edge technologies, and so our staff have to be familiar with these as well. The medical device industry is enormously huge and complex, but we have the right expertise to deploy the right equipment and gear to help you get the quality care you need.

A Welcoming Environment

Listen – everything above is extremely necessary, but it doesn’t get you very far without a good bedside manner, and a great attitude toward patients.

You’ll see when you come in to our office that we’re excited about what we do each day. We’re respectful and helpful to our guests, and proactive in helping you to get the information you need to make the right decisions.

Passion is everything, whether you’re in the kitchen, at an artist’s easel or in a cosmetic surgery center like this one. In fact, there is very much an art to what we do – and so you want your professionals to be inspired, not just plodding through the day.

Talk to Face and Body Wellness and Med Spa about your plans to utilize state of the art cosmetic surgery and related procedures.